The Dardanelles

July 9 through July 11, 2004

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The Dardanelles - Carson-Iceberg Wilderness

01) At camp, waiting for Carl
and Susan

02) North ridge, headwaters of
McCormick Creek

03) Splash of yellow

04) Stone, water, and life

05) Middle Cone, from the west

06) Evening light, Middle Cone from the south

07) East side of the Middle Cone - the way up

08) Navigating deer tracks though the Buck Brush

09) Working up the the slot - east side

10) Zig-zag track to the top

11) At the base of the Middle Cone's walls

12) Bouldering up the slot

13) Top of the Middle Cone

14) Wooly Sunflowers

15) Cushion Buckwheat

16) Maraposa Lilies

17) Balloonpod Milkvetch

18) Pigmy forest on the Middle Cone

19) Scrambling up the slot

20) Mules Ears

21) The mystery flowers the cone

22) Tiny blooms

23) Working back down the wall

24) Hanging flowers

25) Life conquers stone

26) Pocket meadows

27) Brush skeletons

28) Mountain Pride - Penstemon

29) Penstemon blooms

30) Blue-Pod Lupine

31) Pretty Face Lily

32) Pussy Paws

33) Tiger Lily

34) Waxy Sidalcea

35) Perfect blooms

36) The Crew

37) McCormick Creek falls