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AUG 05 - BLOG > More on the Mac Mini KVM Switch
A followup on my earlier blog on Mac Mini KVM switches: Browsing a few Mac user sites on this topic, I ran across a few complaints about IOGear's MiniView Micro USB Plus KVM ......

AUG 05 - BLOG > A USB/Firewire Hub for What the Mac Mini Lacks
I love my Mac Mini, but it has one really dumb design flaw—it has just two USB ports. My solution was a cheap four-port USB hub, but I am not happy with having yet another small box sitting on my desk. Which is why ......

MAR 05 - BLOG > Living Happily with a PC and a Mac Mini
Being a reviews editor at PC World means putting my hands on a lot of computer products, many of which I load onto my home PC, where I can look at them during my spare time evenings and weekends. With all of the loading and unloading software on the PC ......

NOV 04 - UW HOUSINGS > Water World Photography
"Why limit your photography to terra firma? Whether your taste runs to still or video ......

NOV 04 - STAR RATING SYSTEM > A Guide to PC World's Star Ratings
PC World launched its Star Rating system with the September 2001 issue. It's designed to give our readers an easy-to-find, quick-to-interpret assessment ......

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